DIGITARIA COLLECTIVE indicates the  label’s collaborative works with artists coming from different creative paths, from photography and illustration up to product design and performance. It will enclose all the synergetic projects, limited editions of prints, design objects and fanzines. Most of the creative partners are already being involved with Digitaria projects. The ‘Collective’ project is very important to us, as it wraps our philosophy for exchanging ideas and firms our will for creative thinking and interaction.


Our current collaboration is with the artist Mary Thivaiou. A capsule collection consisting of hand embroidered dresses and blouses, all made out of 100% cotton. All embroideries are featuring emotions out of icons, widely known as emoticons. An emoticon is a pictorial representation of a facial expression using punctuation marks, numbers and letters, usually written to express a person’s feelings or mood.

Mary Thivaiou was born in Athens. She studied Art Conservation at the Department of Antiquities and Works of Art Conservation of the Technological Educational Institute of Athens and Visual Arts at Athens School of Fine Arts. She received an ERASMUS scholarship for a six-month attendance at the department of Arts Plastiques at Université Paris 8. Also, she graduated from the Master of Fine Arts (MFA) of Athens School of Fine Arts. She has participated in group exhibitions in Greece and Europe, such as: New Babylon Revisited (Goethe Institute, Athens), Survival Kit (Athens-Munich), Perversions Visuelles (Paris), Heroes are dead. Long Live The Heroes (Kodra Fresh, Thessaloniki), about moralization (RE- culture 2 Festival, Patra), STYMPHALIA PROJECT – Human and Nature (Environment Museum of Stymphalia), 3rd Athens Biennale. She currently lives and works in Athens.



‘‘This series was created to express the importance of contradiction hidden in the various elements that contribute to the dynamic, but also to the wholeness of nature.Four organisms – elements that live in land, water and air, create a myth in the edge of fantasy and realism.’’ Efi Chalikopoulou

Efi Chalikopoulou is an award winning artist – illustrator. She obtained her B.F.A from the Athens School of Visual Arts and received her M.F.A in Illustration from the School of Visual Arts, after she moved to New York as a Fulbright scholar. Her work has been widely published and exhibited in New York, Los Angeles and Athens.


“ It is an event that, over and beyond its historical character, held a morbid fascination for me because of its cinematic elements. I always saw the notorious Zapruder footage more as a pop monument than as a documentary. It is a moment in time that, if anything else, has the same age as me.” Paris Chaviaras

Paris Chaviaras was born in Piraeus. He studied painting at the Athens School of Fine Arts. His works include painting, constructions, photography and installations. He has mounted numerous exhibitions (solo and group) in Athens, Thessaloniki, Madrid, Naples, Brussels and London. His works can be found in private and public collections and museums.



“EMPTY, is a series of four portraits that represent the state of mind I was in, when I created them. Each one of them reflects my feelings, as I was living a life full of frustration in an environment that sucked my energy and lust for life. Male and female, black and white, blood and tears, curves and straight lines.” Zart 83

Georgios Zartaloudis is a Graphic Designer/ Illustrator. After finishing high school in northern Greece, moved to Rome in Italy driven by his love for visual arts. After the second year in the Academy of Fine Arts, moved to London to study Graphic Design in Central Saint Martins. Back in Greece, worked as an Art Director in Advertising and after 10 years in various agencies, is currently a freelance designer.


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