A limited range of T-shirts are presented twice a year as a result of exchanging ideas with other fields of art.

The first series of Digitees, called “Fashion kills for Digitaria” was collaboration with British artist and music producer Warboy.
The second series of Digitaria T shirts was called “Facials” and was curated by illustrator Zart.

The third series of Digitaria T-shirts that is coming out on December 21, is a collaboration with visual and performing artist HOPE.

This year’s t-shirt collection and exhibition includes a performance by visual artist HOPE, entitled: “The birth of n.7”.

The performance is based on the process of gradual withdrawal and revelation, where the structure is decomposed and the schematic becomes organic.
Through the intermediary of an isolated structure the aim is to construct a different space and give birth to new exhibited species.

The performance seeks to transfer people to a place where act is meaningful.

2010, Digitaria  | Limited T-shirt collection.
An online store has been created that refers to each of the t-shirt collections.

visit: www.digitariashop.com

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