Video outcome from  the performance held on March 31st,  hosted by Atopos CVC.

DIGITARIA invited visual artist Pantelis Makkas, music composer Stavros Gasparatos, actors Kora Karvouni, Joanna Kolliopoulou Antonis Fragakis, Michael Leventogiannis and performer Alexander Rina, to an open dialogue in the space of ATOPOS CVC, in the form of a live interaction.
Pantelis Makkas curated the presentation using the element of repetition in order to highlight the process between the two time components of the representation, and investigate this further. The term of reenactment is used as a tool and provides the keystone of the presentation. The performance applied a strong visual language through the use of video, music, speech and live performance.
The collections were presented in the form of theatrical performance combining installation, theater and sound elements. Repetition as a central objective, repetition / re-enactment, as a reference point.  

Video by Pantelis Makkas

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