This work and these patterns were inspired by the ancient past and the far future. In our frenetic, post millennial world, the debris of every culture we know of is available to us and this combined with the speed at which our world changes leads to a dizzying sense of living in the future. At the same time the old myths, superstitions and beliefs seem suddenly strong and sure next to the West’s petty rational-materialist worldview in these dark times.

The drawings are related to pictorial narrative traditions from Egyptian hieroglyphs through Aztec codexes and illuminated manuscripts of the Middle Ages. The collages and photo-textiles reflect my interest in the power of simple elements and materials around us-water, stones, dirt. My interest in the apocalyptic future-past and confused mythology is informed by many other elements. Hollow Earth theory, lo-resolution jpgs of classical sculpture, pop up ads. UFO suicide cults, night visitors, demonic possession. Olaf Stapleton’s First and Last Men, the dark sound-scapes of Klaus Schulze. In ten million years, who or what will dig through the plastic strata left by our century to discover the ruins of New York, Shanghai, Tokyo?” Panayiotis Terzis www.pengoat.com

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